Monday, May 16, 2011

"Randy Travis" - Cracker Barrel Collection

This is a classic collection of material from the great country artist Randy Travis, covers songs during late 80's and early 90's, Travis had a very unmistakable voice and was very country sounding, probably a bit too twangy for today, his voice was his strength, plus his music had a signature sound of twangy guitar and lots of old time pedal steel. This collection of twelve tracks has a few unreleased gems to share.

Every iconic artist like Travis has a few songs that are just always associated with him. The songs that I think of with Travis are "Forever and Ever, Amen" , "Better Class Of Losers" and the great Christian Country Song, "Three Wooden Crosses".

The story of "Three Wooden Crosses" is in my opinion one of the best Christian country songs written. Basic story of an accident involving an eighteen wheeler accident where three good upstanding people died and a hooker lives. Song ends with Preacher saying He's telling the story because the hooker was his mom and the blood stained Bible given her, had influenced her and she had read it to him. You have to hear it, just great story with great hooks and melody. A Travis Classic. This collection is good for a Randy Travis Fan, or someone who wants to hear him at his best.

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