Thursday, August 19, 2010

ConGrats To Three Grascals Publicity People

A lot of music fans don't know what a publicist is, or what a publicist does. The Story of "The Grascals Success" lies not just in their great talent and creative music. Someone said, This is good, let's pull out all of the stops. Most projects just have one publicist. Publicists promote a CD release or an artist, they did both here. They have to put up with people like me , bugging them for CDs and pics and stuff. Look at this list who helped promote "The Famous Lefty Flynn."

Media Contacts:

Martha Moore, so much MOORE media / 615.746.3994

Jennifer Sacca, Rounder Records / 617.218.4503

Kirt Webster, Webster & Associates / 615.777.6995

Martha Moore of her own company SoMuchMoore PR, Martha used to be the publicist for KISS, and decided to go for Americana Music, I have known her a long time, and she is a super person, if you can find her, trapsing back and forth between the states and Europe with her clients.

Kirt Webster, well, He has a huge list of clients , products that he promotes including Hank williams Jr. I don't know if this is true , but word has it, that Kirt was the pR guy for Davey Crockett, now, don't quote me on that.

And last, but far from least is Jennifer Sacca from their label, Rounder Records, this label has been around awhile and is big into bluegrass and other genres. She might still have a couple of 8 tracks for sale on her site. I'm very Grateful for her, she has always been kind enough to send a CD to me when I asked.

The most important thing is, it worked, The Grascals are hot and they are having a banner year. When I first saw this list, I found it hard to believe, Three publicists I know working he same CD. It was a prescription for success. Congrats Guys!!!!

Jim Moulton

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